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dhaunea's Journal

Life is an occasion - Rise to it
2011 Yuletide Letter can be found here.

Livejournal - Take II

This journal is, as clearly marked, friends only. This is not because I am not friendly, but because I have had problems with stalkers in the past. (This is also why there is no visible e-mail.) If you'd like to read my journal (because you are obviously insane) feel free to friend it. There's a better than even chance that I'll friend you back and you can always flee screaming after you see the yards of boring contained within with no hard feelings on my part.


My name is Truth. Most of what you will find here will make little to no sense unless you interact with me on a daily basis. I have relatively high tolerance levels and this journal's overall content should be rated as an 'R'.

I play World of Warcraft and I am dedicated to the Horde.

space of private thoughts
troublemakers not welcome
read: friends only
- Toxictattoo

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Truth's Dragons

Footstools are love loyal.